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Giving Back

Real Queens Fix each others Crowns!

At Global Goddess we are passionate about empowering women around the world!

We buy from certified Fairtrade businesses or directly from the artisan where possible & source treasures at local markets or small businesses when we travel, as an attempt to directly help support women in business.  

We strongly believe in helping to lift each other up and understand that supporting women in small business helps to strengthen whole communities! 

We work hard to source unique treasures & try to make sure we keep our business fair and affordable so that you can bring the good vibes home! We understand how hard it is to get time to yourself and working and looking after your own families can take all the time you have. We strive to build a space for you to escape and enjoy the beauty of the most amazing cultures, knowing that our gorgeous wares are Handmade with love & making a difference!

Global Goddess proudly supports women around the world through social enterprise, and we are so serious about this that it is written into our core business plan! We measure our success by how many lives we have helped to change, and we want to ThankYOU for making this possible!

If you think one person is to small to make a difference, try spending the night with a mosquito - Dalai Lama

We hope to inspire you too! see Vanitha's story, she was our first KIVA loan recipient so she is very special to us 💕

Vanitha from India 

Vanitha's Story 

Vanitha is a 38-year-old woman living in Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu, India. She runs a small dairy business and sells milk and milk products. She has a family of 3 members and wishes to expand her business to increase her family income but does not have enough funds to do so. She plans to purchase a cow to expand her business. 


Zuma from Uganda 

Zamu's story

Zamu is 19 years old and lives in the town of Kaliro in the Iganga region of Uganda. For the past two years, Zamu has been working hard to manage her retail shop, which sells shoes. To help expand her business, Zamu has requested a loan be used to purchase more shoes and will help Zamu generate greater profits. Using the profits of the business, Zamu will be able to pay school fees for her siblings, buy for herself and the siblings personal items like clothes, pay house bills, and provide basic needs for the family like food and medical care. All these will help improve their standard of living.